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Election Day poll workers sign in a voter in Sussex County. (Photo: Sussex County Board of Elections).

Honig debuts election hotline starting tomorrow

By Joey Fox, October 22 2021 1:36 pm

Acting U.S. Attorney Rachael Honig announced today that her office will be running an election hotline starting tomorrow and running through November 3, the day after Election Day. The hotline is designed to allow voters to report instances of voter intimidation, inaccessible or inequitable polling locations, or harassment of poll workers.

“We are committed to ensuring free and fair elections in New Jersey by protecting the right of every voter to access polling places and cast a ballot and the right of every election worker to work without harassment, threats, or intimidation,” Honig said in a statement. “We encourage the public to reach out to our office to report any threats, discrimination, or other concerns.”

Voters who wish to report any election-related wrongdoing can call the hotline at 888-636-6596.

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