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Dems lost more voter registration ground in September – but not in key districts

State overall gained 13k new voters

By Joey Fox, October 04 2022 3:22 pm

New Jersey added 12,628 voters in September and now has 6,488,266 registered voters, but Democrats still lost ground statewide, according to data released over the weekend by the New Jersey Division of Elections. 

The number of registered Democrats fell from 2,531,848 to 2,530,771, a loss of 1,077, while Republicans climbed from 1,524,185 to 1,525,013, an increase of 828. At this pace, the million-voter advantage that Democrats currently hold would break sometime in November.

As has been true in every recent update, the bulk of new registrations came among unaffiliated voters, who increased by 12,785 voters from 2,338,648 to 2,351,433. Unaffiliateds make up 36.3% of the state’s voters, slightly behind Democrats’ 39% and well ahead of Republicans’ 23.5%.

While the September numbers aren’t good for Democrats statewide, they’re more positive in the state’s most competitive congressional districts, which in the absence of any statewide races are the top of the ticket this cycle.

In the 7th congressional district, widely regarded as the state’s most competitive, Democrats gained 371 voters while Republicans lost six – hardly major changes, but still a clear contrast with the overall trend of Democrats losing ground. The 7th district, which has the most voters of any district in the state, has 206,646 Republicans (33.5%), 189,489 Democrats (30.8%) and 213,413 unaffiliateds (34.6%) overall.

The story is similar in the 3rd, 5th, and 11th districts, each of which saw Democrats gain new voters, though Republicans also increased their numbers in the 3rd and 5th districts.

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