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2019 New Jersey Globe Voter’s Guide

By NJGlobe, November 01 2019 4:53 pm

The 2019 New Jersey Globe Voter’s Guide takes a look at the statewide map for Tuesday’s mid-term elections.

With a record number of vote-by-mail ballots already cast for an off-off year election, 2019 is looking like the Year of the Unlikely Voter. 

Democrats have a 54-26 majority in the New Jersey State Assembly and Republicans are playing defense in several closely-watched and expensive legislative races.

Just one State Senate seat is on the ballot this year: a special election in the 1st district, where voters will decide who will fill the remaining 26 months of the seat Jeff Van Drew gave up earlier this year to become a congressman.

All 80 State Assembly seats are up, although the results in most of them are pre-ordained. 

Democrats think they can flip up to seven GOP Assembly seats – if there is a perfect storm.   Republicans are trying to wrestle ten seats, but fundraising challenges have made that unrealistic. 

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One thought on “2019 New Jersey Globe Voter’s Guide

  1. I don’t trust mail in ballots. I received an unsolicited paper ballot during the last local election which I discarded to be able to vote in person. Except when I got to the polling place I was handed a paper ballot to fill out return to a polling worker to be sealed and supposedly tallied. What was there to stop me from filling out the mailed ballot as well as the supplied one. What guarantee my polling place ballot was counted. As an octogenerian I can make it to a polling place and would prefer it. Tell Murphy on site voting only. Also, there should be email contact information for those of us who don’t twitter, tweet or anything other than email.

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