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College Republicans defend Hugin, say lack of jobs force grads to leave NJ

By David Wildstein

The New Jersey College Republicans are siding with U.S. Senate candidate Bob Hugin after the College Democrats president criticized a tweet saying that parents should get their couches read after Rutgers University graduation.

The group says Hugin was accurate in saying that many graduates have no choice but to move back home because New Jersey is so unaffordable, citing a CNN report that 70% of students leaving the state did so because of lack of job opportunities,

“If College Republicans and College Democrats can agree on anything at all, it should be that New Jersey’s economy and employment status is not good news for us. It’s time to wake up,” said the College Republicans. “‘Joyful times’ end as soon as graduates realize their degree won’t get them far in a state economy that is not growing with them.

The College Republicans urged the College Democrats to focus their energies on Senator Bob Menendez’s 90 votes to raise taxes and Gov. Phil Murphy’s plan to raise taxes – proposals that “have contributed to the hard times we and our peers are facing.”

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