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Rep. Andy Kim. Kevin Sanders for New Jersey Globe

Congressman Kim Statement on the 18th Anniversary of the 9/11 Terror Attacks

By NJG Press Releases, September 11 2019 9:23 am

 – Today, Congressman Andy Kim (NJ-03) released the following statement on the anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks:

“Today’s anniversary of the horrific terror attacks on 9/11 isn’t just a time to mourn those lost, but a reminder to rededicate ourselves to honoring their memories and those left behind. This will be the first 9/11 anniversary since the permanent reauthorization of the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund. This means our first responders who are still struggling with the impact from these attacks will have the care they need and deserve.

This will also be the seventeenth 9/11 anniversary since the United States began military operations in Afghanistan. We should not forget those who continue to fight abroad to keep us safe at home. Their service and the sacrifice of thousands should and will never be forgotten.”

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