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Vendor error triggered warning to voters in Bridgewater

Call for Democratic mayoral candidate in one district went to entire town

By David Wildstein, November 05 2019 10:49 am

The New Jersey Secretary of State says there are reports of robo-calls sending voters to the wrong polling location and has told voters to check authorized state and county election websites for accurate information.

The New Jersey Globe has learned that Bridgewater Democratic mayoral candidate Jeffrey Brookner used a robo-call to remind voters in one Bridgewater district that the polling location had changed since the last election.  A human error by a vendor led to the entire municipality receiving the call.  A follow-up call was made to clarify and apologize.

The Attorney General and the New Jersey State Police have been notified of the issue.

One report of robo-calls misdirecting voters in Burlington County appears to have been misunderstood by the individual who made the complaint.

In that instance, the automated call told voters – apparently targeted because they had not yet returned their vote-by-mail ballots – that they would not be able to vote by machine at their usual polling location.

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