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Robert Giles, the director of the New Jersey Division of Elections

State to quarantine hard-copy petitions for 24 hours

Move will delay release of full candidate list

By David Wildstein, March 30 2020 4:16 pm

The New Jersey Division of Elections is quarantining hard copy petitions delivered to their office today for 24 hours before processing, which could lead to a delay in the disclosure of who filed before today’s 4 PM deadline.

Candidates had the option of filing electronically, but an executive order by Gov. Phil Murphy did not mandate it.

Several county election officials said they were not told of the policy in any of their daily phone calls with the division director, Bob Giles.

GOP US Senate candidate Tricia Flanagan described the scene when she filed her U.S. Senate petitions in Trenton today: “They came down with gloves and masks and a box for petitions.”

“The whole staff was extremely kind and helpful while taking every precaution,” Flanagan said. “They performed far above & beyond under the given circumstances—truly underscores how New Jersey is all in this together and together, we will get through.”

This story was updated at 6:54 PM and at 9:25 PM.

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