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Andre Sayegh

Working Families Alliance backs Sayegh

By David Wildstein, April 17 2018 9:06 am

The New Jersey Working Families Alliance have endorsed front runner Andre Sayegh for mayor of Paterson in the May 8 municipal election.

“As a councilman, Andre Sayegh has proven his commitment to equality and justice for all people, and to making Paterson a city where working families can raise their children in a diverse, thriving community,” said Analilia Mejia, Executive Director of the New Jersey Working Families Alliance.  “Andre has opened preschools and has made the streets safer. He worked to have homeowners released from paying thousands of dollars a year in unnecessary flood insurance, helping them afford to stay in their homes. He is the leader Paterson needs now to ensure a future of opportunity and prosperity for all of Paterson’s diverse communities.”

Sayegh has been the Sixth Ward councilman since 2008 and previously spent four years as a school board member.

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