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Transfer of Power

By David Wildstein, January 16 2018 10:30 am

If you are reading my new website, it’s unimaginable that you’re unaware that a new Governor of New Jersey takes office at noon today. So I won’t insult you by explaining who is leaving  and who is coming in.

One thing I have learned in 45 years of observing politics in New Jersey: if you’ve seen one Governor, then you’ve seen one Governor.  Each administration, whether it’s eight years of Chris Christie or 84 hours of John Bennett, is unique.  So today, a new chapter begins for those who love New Jersey politics.  It may be Chapter 56, and like any story, some chapters are more exciting than others.

Phil Murphy is the tenth Governor of New Jersey that I have watched in person — eleven, if you count Bennett, but I don’t.  And whether you have looked forward to this transition in New Jersey state history or not, a new Governor brings with him new people and new stories for all of us.

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