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Special election for Union chair in 30 days or less

By David Wildstein, January 24 2018 6:02 pm

The resignation of Union County Democratic Chairman Jerry Green makes Vice Chair Colleen Mahr the acting chair, for now.  Under party by-laws, Mahr is obligated to call a special election of the full County Committee within thirty days.

Both sides in the race for county chairman have already begun counting County Committee votes.  With about 800 members, a simple majority is necessary.  And one certainty is that both State Sen. Nicholas Scutari (D-Linden) and Mahr’s ally, State Sen. Joe Cryan (D-Union) know how to count insider votes.

With Scutari’s quick emergence into the race, backed up by a rapid list of key endorsements, the next step is to see if Mahr or anyone else becomes a candidate for county chairman.  That’s the most obvious sign of whether Cryan’s count has Scutari under the 50% plus one needed to win.

Green is not giving up his Assembly seat yet.  That could be used as a bargaining chip if Scutari’s internal count is not enough for a clear win – but it’s more likely that the Plainfield Mayor Adrian Mapp is already in possession of that chip.

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