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Felicia Stoler, an independent candidate for Congress in New Jersey's 4th district

Smith gets primary opponent

By David Wildstein, January 22 2018 6:45 pm

Rep. Chris Smith (R-Hamilton) will face a challenge in the Republican primary as he launches his bid for a 20th term in Congress.  Dr. Felicia Stoler of Holmdel says she is running.

“It’s official, I am running,” Stoler tweeted today.  “Even the GOP needs some new people to step up & restore people’s faith in representative government.”

“Smith has lived in Virginia for the 38 years he’s been in Congress. He raised his family there. It is his home. He has not had a town hall meeting in 25 years and does not meet with constituents. Sixty percent of the towns in District 4 were added in 2013 and were not represented by Smith prior to redistricting,” Stoler said. “The people of the 4th US Congressional District in New Jersey deserve better.”

Stoler — self-proclaimed as “America’s Health & Wellness Expert” — is a a dietitian nutritionist and exercise, physiologist who has served on the New Jersey Council for Physical Fitness, Sports and Nutrition since 2003.

Smith, 64, won 92% in the 2016 Republican primary against challenger Bruce MacDonald.

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