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Linden City Councilman John Francis Roman

Shehata endorses John Francis Roman in Linden

By David Wildstein, July 03 2020 8:44 pm

A rising star in Union County politics is showing a little love for his hometown candidate.

Ahmed Shehata, a Linden Board of Education member, is asking local residents to back Councilman John Francis Roman and the entire Column B slate in Tuesday’s Democratic primary.

“As an elected official, I know the passion and dedication that must be exhibited to properly and ethically uphold the public trust. Councilman Roman has spent the past decade giving back to the city of Linden, specifically the 6th ward,” said Shehata.  “Councilman Roman will bring vision, expertise, and dedication to our city. I have worked with Councilman Roman on numerous occasions and firsthand how seriously his takes this honor of serving the City of Linden.”

Roman, an ally of Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Nicholas Scutari (D-Linden), faces Joao Concalves, the candidate backed by Mayor Derek Armstead.

“Councilman Roman not only brings us a vision of progress, especially through these unprecedented times, but also understands the inner workings of municipal government needed to make things happen,” Shehata said.  “We can count on Councilman Roman to keep us moving with his successful track record of leadership.”

Roman is running on the organization line with Joe Biden, Cory Booker, and Linden favorite-son freeholder Christopher Hudak.

Concalves is running with two placeholder freeholder candidates, Brianna Armstead and Daniel Yamakaitis.

A third ticket headed by U.S. Senate candidate Lawrence Hamm is not running any candidates for the Linden City Council.

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