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Scutari-backer says Mahr misused her image

By David Wildstein, February 16 2018 11:02 am

A Democratic county committeewoman from Scotch Plains is crying foul after acting Union County Democratic Chair Collen Mahr distributed campaign literature with her photo.

Kimberly Nix says she supports State Sen. Nicholas Scutari, not Mahr.

A self-described community activist “who is in the practice of speaking up for myself,” Nix says she is disappointed by the kind of campaign Mahr is running.

“Our Union County Democratic Chair has to be someone who has earned people’s trust. But if this is any indication of what kind of chair she will be, she has not earned mine,” Nix said.  “Given Ms. Mahr’s misleading campaign and blatant disregard to the Democratic Committee’s bylaws, we think everyone should reconsider their support. These are not our Democratic values.”

Nix says that Scutari “follows the rules and earn people’s trust.”

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