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State Sen. Nicholas Sacco, the mayor of North Bergen

Sacco tells Roque to worry about his own town

Says West New York mayor will struggle to win re-election

By David Wildstein, May 16 2018 12:38 pm

North Bergen Mayor Nicholas Sacco has slammed West New York Mayor Felix Roque for endorsing his likely opponent in next year’s mayoral campaign.

“It’s puzzling to see Mayor Roque endorse someone like Larry Wainstein who doesn’t even live in North Bergen and has been absolutely demolished and embarrassed in every single election he’s ever participated in,” Sacco said in response to Roque’s endorsement of Wainstein yesterday.

In 2015, Sacco defeated Wainstein by a wide margin, 8,465 to 3,904.  Wainstein is planning to run again in 2019.

Roque is expected to face a slate headed by Commissioner Cosmo Cirillo when he seeks a third term in 2019.

“Next year’s campaign in North Bergen will be no different. Mayor Roque should be more concerned with West New York where in the last few months he has lost control of local government with a majority of the Board of Commissioners breaking away from him, and with his own chances of re-election which appear to be getting slimmer by the day,” Sacco said.

Wainstein issued a statement on Wednesday bashing Sacco.

“Before Sacco starts giving advice to other Mayors, he should get his own house in order. Corruption plagues the NB Housing Authority,” Wainstein said.  “His stepson is still awaiting trial for a no-show job. I’d be surprised if Sacco makes it to next May without being carted in handcuffs.”

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