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Prosecutor asked to investigate Paterson mailer

By David Wildstein, May 07 2018 8:22 am

The head of a progressive advocacy group is expected to ask the Passaic County Prosecutor to investigate how an unauthorized mailing showed up in the mailboxes of some Paterson residents.

The Progressive Values Committee is supporting Andre Sayegh for mayor in tomorrow’s election and their chairman, Joe Waks, says someone else took his group’s name on a mailer that sought to use race and religion to push voters in a different direction.

“There is a reprehensible fake mail piece being dropped into Paterson with the Progressive Values Committee name on it that fraudulently attempts to make race and religion an issue in Tuesday’s election,” said Waks.  “We think it is a disgusting piece and we have absolutely nothing to do with it.  Whomever produced this garbage should be ashamed of themselves. We have been very clear about the fact that we are supporting Andre Sayegh to be the next mayor of Paterson because he has and will continue to fight for city residents.

Waks says that Sayegh is the only decent candidate for mayor.+

“Alex Mendez has not been transparent about where his campaign money comes from, he has been penalized 46 times for bad checks, he has liens against his property for unpaid sewer bills and he stood side by side with Chris Christie’s right-hand person, Kim Guadagno, even after they hurt Paterson residents,” Waks said.  “Pedro Rodriguez was Mayor Joey Torres’ right hand man for years, serving as his campaign manager in 2014, as Torres’ Deputy Mayor, a member of Torres’ planning board and he was also appointed by Torres’ to a $70k per year job in the city’s police department.  William McKoy voted to raise taxes in Paterson 14 times in 18 years and voted to implement Mayor Torres’ Recreation Tax.”

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