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Rep. Donald Payne Jr. (Photo: Donald M. Payne, Jr.)

Payne misses three votes this week

By David Wildstein, January 12 2018 11:11 pm

U.S. Rep. Donald Payne, Jr. missed three of this week’s seventeen House roll call votes – the only member of the New Jersey delegation to miss any.  In 2017, Payne missed 66 votes – the most in the delegation.  The other eleven missed 77 votes combined.

Payne was present on Monday evening for the first House vote of the year, and made it to all three votes on Tuesday.

Payne missed the first vote on Wednesday: a failed motion to adjourn proposed by the Democratic leadership at 12:39 PM.  Then he missed a second adjournment vote at 1:15 PM.  Payne made it back to the House floor in time to vote with leadership on a third unsuccessful adjournment motion at 1:46 PM.  He stayed around to cast six more votes that day.

Thursday is a little complicated.

The first roll call vote of the day was at 11:16 AM, on the Rapid DNA Act of 2017 – Payne was there to vote yes on a substitute amendment that failed 183-233.

Sixteen minutes later, at 11:32 AM, the House voted again – this time on a procedural motion – and Payne was absent.

And seven minutes later, at 11:48 AM, made it back to vote no on the bill.

Payne was able to stay around an additional fifteen minutes, and at 11:45 ASM, he voted yes on the passage of the Counter Terrorist Network Act.

And that concludes “This Week in Congress with Donald Payne, Jr.”

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