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NLRB files complaint against Shore Medical Center

By Nikita Biryukov, June 23 2020 11:11 am

The National Labor Relations Board filed a complaint against Shore Medical Center over an incident during which the hospital allegedly locked nurses out of its facilities in response to a planned strike.

The NLRB’s complaint charges Shoe Medical interrogated nurses about their support for their union, The New York State Nurses Association.

“We have been negotiating for almost two years. It has been said repeatedly by Shore management that they want us to have the same as the non-union employees — who have had their pensions frozen and been put into health plans with astronomical costs,” NYSNA Executive Committee President Dottie Rudert said.

The union is seeking backpay for the nurses who were locked out.

“Shore management has been engaging in distasteful tactics throughout this process to break our spirit and gut our contract.  They now face these strong charges from the NLRB and nurses with strong resolve to win for our patients and our contract,” Rudert said.

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