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Ten mayoral primaries to watch on Tuesday

By David Wildstein, May 30 2018 11:30 am

Ten primaries for mayor worth watching:

Berkeley Heights: Mayor Robert Woodruff faces a GOP primary challenge from Tom Maciejewski.

Chester: Mayor Janet Hoven faces a Republican primary challenge from councilman Tim Iverson.

Englewood: Mayor Frank Huttle is not seeking re-election.  The Democratic primary features former mayor Michael Wildes against Huttle’s candidate, Democratic municipal chairman Phil Meisner.

Garwood: Three-term mayor Charles Lombardo faces a Democratic primary challenge from three-term councilwoman Sara Todisco.

Harrison: Mayor James Fife is being challenged in the Democratic primary by Councilman Anselmo Millan.

Jefferson: Mayor Russ Felter faces Eric Wilsusen, a former deputy police chief, for the Republican nomination.

Lambertville: Mayor David DelVecchio faces Julia Fahl in the Democratic primary.

Linden: Mayor Derek Armstead faces Councilwomen Gretchen Hickey and Rashonna Crosby.  Amrstead was dropped from the Democratic organization line and replaced by Hickey.

Monroe: Mayor Dan Teefy, who lost party support for renomination by a 40-0 vote of the local Democratic organization, is running for re-election off the line.  He faces the organization candidate, retired labor leader Richard DiLucia, and Michael Gabbinelli.

Roseland: Republican mayor John Duthie is not seeking re-election.  School board member Jean Perrotti has the organization line against former mayor Michael Pacio.

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