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Murphy doubles down on Rapster

By David Wildstein, January 12 2018 5:32 pm

Rapper Busta Rhymes, who will headline an event Sunday evening for Gov.-elect Phil Murphy, was accused of ethnic and homophobic slurs during an argument at a New York City gym in 2015.

“You don’t know who I am! I’m Busta Rhymes!  I’m the real n–ga! You’re a f–king f–got, you are a p–sy! You are a Mexican crossing the border to come to this country, I will f–k you up,” Rhymes said, according to a witness.

Rhymes was arrested for throwing a bottle of muscle milk at a gym employee — a second-degree assault charge.  He pleaded guilty to harassment and was sentenced to attend anger management classes.

Murphy tweeted the news of Rhymes’ appearance this afternoon, eight hours after the POLITCO Playbook first pointed out Rhymes’ history of assault charges.

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