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Mold issues cause Dems to lose their office

State party executive director says it won’t affect their pre-election activities

By David Wildstein, October 14 2018 11:47 pm

With just 23 days to go before the general election, the New Jersey Democratic State Committee has had their Trenton offices shut down due to mold by city health officials.

Democrats say that won’t impact their efforts.

“The New Jersey Democratic State Committee is in the process of evaluating significant structural issues that had become apparent at our State Street offices, and a decision will be made after Election Day as to the future of the site,” executive director Liz Gilbert told the New Jersey Globe.  “This evaluation period was planned in advance to coincide with NJDSC staff being assigned to Senator Menendez’s campaign as well as other major races throughout the state in order to further our mission of helping elect Democrats up and down the ballot.”

Democrats bought the building in 2003 for $600,000, according to local tax records.

The 5,723 square foot building at 196 West State Street has been up for sale since August, with an asking price of $375,000.  It is opposite the New Jersey State Museum, between the State House and Gov. Phil Murphy’s temporary office.

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