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Harrison: Millan leans on groundwork for election day

Challenges incumbent mayor in Democratic primary

By Nikita Biryukov, June 05 2018 1:53 pm

HARRISON – Councilman Anselmo Millan’s hoping his work’s paid off.

The mayoral candidate is hoping to levy the work his campaign has put in over its life to help him win out over incumbent Mayor James Fife.

“The work is done already,” Millan said Tuesday. “I spent the past three months going door to door, talking to people.”

While there were scattered canvassers with signs standing on corners around the city, they were few and far between. The campaign’s election day strategy would rely on the phones – they’d be calling to make sure voters actually show up to claim their namesake.

“I am calling every day to all the people I spoke with already to say, ‘I know you are supporting us, but the main thing, you got to go out and vote,’ because a lot of people, they think ‘one vote, it doesn’t count,’” Millan said. “But, the last time we ran, 1,200 didn’t come out to vote because they thought ‘it’s one vote.’”

Whether or not that will be enough to win against Fife, who’s overseen a small boom in the city, is unclear, but whoever wins will almost certainly be the next Mayor of Harrison.

Fife became mayor in 2014 following the unexpected death of Raymond McDonough.

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