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Oakland Councilman John McCann. (Photo: John McCann).

McCann praises Trump address

By David Wildstein, January 30 2018 11:42 pm

Republican congressional candidate John McCann went all in for President Trump tonight, saying that the president’s State of the Union message “showed us how far we have come in just a short year and what it means to Make America Great Again. Making America Great means a strong economy, rebuilding the infrastructure, a fully funded military and affordable healthcare.”

McCann says that the first year of the Trump presidency included economic growth and prosperity, and said that unemployment is at a 45-year-low.

“President Trump is calling for a strong foreign policy by working with and for our allies. He has worked to extinguish ISIS in almost all of its occupied territory. I will support the President’s mission to fully fund our military to deter domestic and international threats,” McCann said.  “Congressman Josh Gottheimer’s silence speaks volumes. His lack of his enthusiasm for the country’s accomplishments shows that he is a liberal partisan politician, a disciple of the Clintons.”

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