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Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bob Pezzullo

Hugins says Menendez didn’t amend financial disclosure

By David Wildstein

Bob Hugin’s campaign says that Sen. Bob Menendez has not amended his personal financial disclosure to reflect a Senate Ethics Committee order for him to repay gifts he received from Salomon Melgen.

“The good people of New Jersey deserve to know the price that Florida-based Dr. Salomon Melgen paid to have Senator Menendez violate federal law and abuse his office to intervene in the Obama Justice Department’s investigation into Melgen’s Medicare fraud scheme,” said Megan Piwowar, Hugin’s communications director. “Despite being ordered by the Senate Ethics Committee to amend his Financial Disclosure Reports to include all the gifts he received from Melgen and to repay the fair market value of the gifts, Menendez has failed to comply. It’s time for Senator Menendez to come clean.”

The Menendez campaign was contacted at 9:33 AM for comment.  If they offer a response, it will be added to this story at that time.

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