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Democratic congressional candidate Tamara Harris

Harris says Mendham official should resign

By David Wildstein, February 12 2018 4:25 pm

If Tamara Harris has her way, Rick Blood will be out of a job.

The Democratic congressional candidate says that Blood should resign as Deputy Mayor of Mendham Township for comment he made on Facebook yesterday regarding illegal immigrants.  Blood has removed the post and apologized today for his comments.

“Deputy Mayor Blood’s comments were deplorable and prove that he is not fit to hold public office at any level,” said Harris, who referred to the post as racist and bigoted.

Harris said she as offended by Blood’s comparison of undocumented immigrants to animals that needed extermination.

“All human beings, regardless of their immigration status, deserve dignity and respect. No person is “illegal” and people, no matter where they come from, are not animals,” Harris said.  “It is clear that Deputy Mayor Blood is unfortunately taking his cues from President Trump, as both of them would rather spew harmful rhetoric than do the real work of replacing our broken immigration system with a safer and more accountable system that includes a path to citizenship for immigrants.”

Harris said that Blood only apologized after being called out by a reporter.

“There is no place in government leadership for those who harbor such abhorrent and dangerous sentiments. Deputy Mayor Blood must do more than apologize; he must step down immediately,.” Harris said in a statement.

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