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Assemblyman Arthur Barclay (FACEBOOK)

GOP questions delay in Barclay disclosure

Ambrosino: ‘Why was this kept quiet for so long?’

By David Wildstein, June 19 2018 4:09 pm

Camden County Republicans want to know why it took Assemblyman Arthur Barclay eleven days to resign after his arrest on assault charges on June 7.

“While Mr. Barclay did the right thing by resigning the situation leaves some unanswered questions,” said Camden GOP Chairman Rich Ambrosino.  “The question becomes, if we knew of the incident, if people in Camden knew about the arrest, why did it take eleven days for it to become public. Why was this kept quiet for so long?”

Rumors of Barclay’s arrest had been circulating locally, according to Tom Crone, the Camden Republican political director.

“It’s not like people didn’t know it happened, a Camden activist talked about it in a video on her Facebook page, our campaign consultant knew about it. It’s as if someone was trying to hide this for nearly two weeks,” said Crone, who pointed out that Barclay was a prime sponsor of proposed legislation to address domestic violence.

Steve Kush, a political consultant who works for Camden Republicans, says that Camden government officials had been asked about Barclay over the weekend.

“I was shocked to read that a spokesman for the county and the police department said they “were just made aware of the incident” to a reporter yesterday,” Kush said. “I know for a fact folks associated with Camden County government were asked about the incident all weekend. Plain and simple, that statement does not ring true.”

Kush said it’s possible Democrats were trying to keep Barclay’s legal issues quiet so that he could cast a vote on a proposed state budget.

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