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Assemblyman Gordon Johnson

Englewood Dems slam Johnson

Wildes camp lashes out at Meisner surrogates

By David Wildstein, June 02 2018 11:59 am

This story was updated at 1:53 PM  to include comment from a Wildes campaign spokesman

A group of Englewood Democrats today sharply criticized Assembly Speaker Pro Tempore Gordon Johnson for his endorsement of Michael Wildes in the Democratic mayoral primary, suggesting that Johnson’ support was bought.

Former mayor Sandy Greenberg, former councilwoman Lynne Algrant and Democratic county committeewoman Carla Jones alleged that Johnson’s endorsement stemmed from Wildes’ $2,600 contribution to his 2017 re-election campaign.  They said the support is a shocking display of old school Ferriero Boss-style politics.”

“Gordon Johnson was the person who would stand against Michael Wildes when he appointed his friends and contributors to the Planning Board and they voted for projects presented by Wildes’ friends and donors.  The old Gordon Johnson was also the one who said it was unacceptable when Michael Wildes steered more than $100,000 from a city developer to organizations Wildes’ handpicked,” said Greenberg.  “The Assemblyman Johnson I knew and respected was also right there when the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office examined Michael Wildes’ role in appointing a committee to disburse secret drug abuse prevention grants.”

Algrant said that Johnson “has lost the support of myself and many others throughout town.”

“Gordon Johnson used to stand for something, but he sold us all out today when he endorsed Trump attorney Michael Wildes to come back and have the opportunity to run Englewood into the ground again, just as he did last time he was mayor,” Algrant said.

Jones said she was disappointed because Johnson had always fought against people who used government for personal gain.

“For as long as I can remember Gordon was standing against Joe Ferriero and his cronies, including Michael Wildes, and working to keep the dirty money and power grabs that were so pervasive in our County Democratic Party out of Englewood,” Jones said. “I remember the feeling of pride when Gordon cast aside politics and went after his own running mate at the time, Michael Wildes, for trying to intimidate voters in his 2006 mayoral run.”

Wildes faces the Democratic organization candidate, Englewood Democratic Municipal Chairman Phil Meisner, in the June 5 primary.  Meisner had served as legislative director to Johnson.

“Phil Meisner’s campaign has been relentlessly negative and now that has continued in its final days with his attack on the character and integrity of a respected legislator, veteran and public servant in Assemblyman Gordon Johnson. Everyone is free to make their own choice in a democracy, which is why Michael Wildes’ campaign has not and would never engage in this kind of public retaliation against a supporter of his opponent,” said Wildes campaign spokesman Phil Swibinski.  “Michael Wildes is a proud Democrat who was consistently stood up against the Trump agenda, which is why he’s being supported by so many — from local leaders like Assemblyman Johnson and several current and former Council members, to inspirational figures like Yoko Ono who recently contributed to his campaign, to the residents of this community who agree with his vision to Renew Englewood. This unnecessary attack is the bitter end of a losing campaign that Englewood voters will soon be putting out of its misery by voting for Michael Wildes on Tuesday.”

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4 thoughts on “Englewood Dems slam Johnson

  1. This is another racist attack from the Meisner campaign. Last week Michael Wildes boycotted a debate because they invited and then suddenly and unceremoniously uninvited Dr. Diedre Paul, taking a stand against an exclusionary forum that shunned the only woman and only person of color in the race for Mayor. Phil Meisner attended the debate by himself and took the opportunity to grandstand, rather than stand down in support of equality. Now they say an African-American Assemblyman can’t have made a decision without being paid off. This is the same Sandy Greenberg who once said that “Liberty School is integrated enough”. This is the same Phil Meisner who sent out fliers showing neo-nazis with torches in Virginia, somehow claiming this had something to do with Englewood. These people need to be stopped.

  2. The League of Women Voters has sponsored debates by opposing candidates for years. Their format is always the same: those people running for the same position are invited. Meisner and Wildes are both running to be the Democratic Party’s candidate for Mayor in the 11/18 general election. Diedre Paul is the Republican candidate. Her exclusion from the LWV debate was not a racist act. Had she been running as a Democrat and been on the ballot with Meisner and Wildes, she would have been included. Michael Wildes decision to boycott the LWV’s debate did nothing to help this town. It was a blatant attempt to influence the votes of those who felt Paul was unfairly excluded. That was NOT the case..

  3. All I can say is that when Michael Wildes was the Mayor of Englewood my property taxes were $10,000. Now I am paying $20,000 with a plan to increase my taxes by at least 7%. This is unacceptable.

  4. I’m a Black woman who was sued by Michael Wildes he took me to court in regards to signatures on a petition. The signatures belonged to members of the Rock Creek Terrace Comminity. Some were senior citizens Gordon Johnson stood by me and a host of others. Fighting against those injustices however you think I’m race baiting ? Really? I have been threatened, harassed, my family have been brought into this mess also. I backed Phil Meisner because I know him and his heart he has passion to work hard for this city. He wants to bridge the gap, racially, socially, and economically. As far as Mayor Frank Huttle he is an adult he can fight his own battles. Philip Meisner is no yes man because if he was I wouldn’t be working so hard for him. I love Englewood it’s in my DNA I’m 52 I have been here all my life feel free to check i know you will. I have been through the school system had my children here. They all went to the school system. We are Englewood!!

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