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Amy DeGise

DeGise accuses Fulop of harassing county committee

By David Wildstein, May 17 2018 4:48 pm

Amy DeGise says that Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop is “personally harassing” county committee members to resign their seats so they could be replaced with supporters of Brian Stack.

DeGise, the daughter of the Hudson County Executive, is challenging Stack in the June county chairman election.

“This is a heavy-handed attempt to intimidate people and a clear violation of their civil rights,” DeGise said.  “It’s shocking to see Mayor Fulop is sinking to this level and I’m running for Chair to stand up for everyone’s rights and stop this kind of intimidation and abuse.”

Among those contacted were city employees and senior citizens, DeGise said.

DeGise says she is writing county committee members today to warn them of Fulop’s tactics and wants to be contacted if they feel they are being pressured

“We are putting together a team of attorneys who will document evidence in these cases and defend the rights of those committee members who are being targeted,” she adds. “Stack and Fulop will find themselves on the wrong end of a federal civil rights action if they continue to behave like this.”

In her statement, DeGise referenced the warette between her father, Tom DeGise, and Stack, the mayor of Union City.

“This is a glaring example of why electing Brian Stack would set the Democratic Party back into a dark period of our history that no one should want to revisit,” said DeGise. “This kind of unethical and illegal behavior ended when my father was elected County Executive. We are not going to allow Brian Stack to bring it back.”

Stack doesn’t make much out of DeGise’s allegations.

“While my opposition is complaining, I’m out there working,” Stack told the New Jersey Globe.

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