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Country Club tosses event with NRA speaker

Morris Women’s Republican Club loses venue

By David Wildstein, March 26 2018 7:17 pm

A North Jersey country club has cancelled an event where a member of the National Rifle Association (NRA) was set to the be guest speaker after some members of the club lodged a protest.

Spring Brook Country Club in Morristown told the Morris County Women’s Republican Club that they need to find a new location for their April brunch.  Scott Bach, the executive director of the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs and the only NRA board member from New Jersey, was the keynoter.

Angelique Scholl, the MCWRC president, did not immediately respond to a call seeking comment.  David Bachman, the general manager of the country club, did not immediately respond to an e-mail.

Officials of the Morris County Democratic Women’s Caucus and former Harding Mayor Nicolas Platt, a Republican, criticized the Morris GOP for inviting Bach, a Morris County resident who was described by the MCWRC as “a gun rights leader in the most hostile territory imaginable for nearly two decades.”

“I am pleased to hear that the Springbrook country club listened to its members and cancelled the planned event with Scott Bach,” said Bella Bhimani, who organized the Morristown March For Our Lives last Saturday.  “Planning an event with such an outspoken member of the NRA right after the student-led March For Our Lives is a slap in the face of our non-partisan effort to make our schools safer.

“At a time in our country when our Second Amendment rights are being threatened and the political climate is more polarizing than ever, Morris County is leading the way with civil discourse on this incredibly important topic,” Scholl said when announcing the event. “Our elected leaders, volunteers, and members are as enthused as ever to protect our freedoms and revitalize the Republican Party in New Jersey.”

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29 thoughts on “Country Club tosses event with NRA speaker

  1. Sadly Spring Brook joins Rutgers University in stifling free speech – remember former Secretary of State Condalisa Rice. My bet is Angelique Scholl and Morris County Republican Women will not be intimidated.

    1. Congratulations to The Spring Brook Country Club for standing up for what’s right and decent. And shame on anyone who thinks otherwise. This kind of free speech is not wanted. What’s next? Allowing white supremacists to come to Morristown?

      1. So shutting down free association and free speech is a good thing? OI do not know SINGLE white supremacist in the NRA, but I sure know many people of color, men and women alike, who are! you seem proud of your extraordinary ignorance. And you apparently know nothing about the 2000 people who stood up for their constitutional rights at the NJ State House yesterday. The speakers included, of course, black people, white people, Hispanics, the young, the elderly and others The Spring Brook Country Club can count on getting a very unfavorable contact from me. Joe – stick your hate and your ignorance all you want – you do not have the right to shut down free speech or to intimidate others out of exercising their rights., Honestly, you are such a jerk, you must be one of the highly educated elitists who hate everyone else.

      2. “This kind of free speech is not wanted. What’s next? Allowing white supremacists to come to Morristown?”

        Never has one comment belied such a total—and unintentionally hilarious—interpretation of the First Amendment. Good work, Joe. Your picture should appear next to the dictionary entry for “Libtard”.

      3. Explain to me exactly what the NRA has done. Absolutly nothing. This is censership, hopefully they lose members.

      4. Can’t wait to retire in 5 years and take every penny of my wealth out of this socialist state. Never to give them a penny again.

      5. You sound like a dope Joe, “This kind of free speech is not wanted? Maybe you should educate yourself on what FREE speach means. Wow libs have gone off the rails.

      6. You have your head in the sad sir. No other organization in the country does more to promote gun safety, or support law enforcement. I believe the 70 million law abiding US gun owners would disagree with your sentiments.

          1. 200 million drivers. How many belong to Triple AAA? NRA has one of the largest civil right membership in the country.

      7. Very silly response from someone who probably let his child be used by law enforcement to deflect from the real reason for the Parkland shootings.. make no mistake your views are not shared by the majority of sbcc members. Wise up

  2. Congratulations to the Springbrook Country Club for taking appropriate action to stop the murderous NRA from delivering more rwisted, destructive BS in NJ.

    1. Please name a murderer in the NRA. Of course, you will not be able to do that because we are not murderers at all. There is no one more twisted or destructive than a person who thinks they know everything, but refuses to learn anything. Anyone who thinks the NRA is “murderous” is nothing more than a extremist who is far more dangerous than any law abiding citizen who owns a handgun. And you apparently hate women as well. Do you not know of Carol Bowne, whose police department failed to act on her handgun permit app so her ex-boyfriend slit her throat in her driveway? The destructive BS in this state only comes from the left.

      1. Yes. I looked at all my NRA literature and cannot find any part that says to break any laws less murder anyone…

        The NRA Membership includes many military personnel and law enforcement officers. Are they murderers?

        Oh. I forgot. I sure the last poster thinks they are.

    2. One should/ must first get the facts before spewing BS them selves.
      You need a refresher course in history and the constitution.

    3. Avery, if all the non NRA members would stop shooting people gun violence would go down by 100%. Your insults only strengthen our fight for liberty.

  3. It’s a private club, they can’t do as they want. I hope the membership dwindles as a result. Disgusting to see this suppression of free speech in the very Capitol of the American Revolution. Just another reason why good people are leaving the People’s Democratic Republic of New Jersey in record numbers.

  4. Scott is an Attorney well versed in the topic. If you don’t want to hear what he has to say then by all means do not attend

    It’s funny. Liberals aren’t that a Liberal

    1. Only their views need to be heard. God forbid they hear opposing ideas. Oh, did i use the god word. Sorry if i offended any snowflake liberals!

  5. I love how people rush to judgement and then criticize a private local establishment that they probably know nothing about, that is located in a residential area, for not hosting what was likely going to be a major three ring circus in a seriously heated political environment. You voice your concern about not having free speech or free association and then you turn around and try to intimidate them and wish them ill because they didn’t provide a platform for someone to agree with your views. Gee, I can’t imagine why any business wouldn’t be overly anxious to host this type of event… If you’re so worried about the NRA’s view not being heard, why don’t you have him come give the speech at your house? And if you don’t invite them to speak at your house, then I guess clearly you don’t support free speech or the NRA, right?

  6. For all the liberals, when the 2nd Amendment goes, so too do the rest. As far as the NRA…..no other civil rights organization in the US has done more to promote gun safety, to support law enforcement , and protect our civil liberties. These anti NRA people need to educate themselves about the NRA and all its programs. But they wont. These elitists lime Murphy would rather leave us defenseless while they hide behind their own armed security. Guns to guard them are OK, but not for us. Hypocrites are they.

  7. A greater example of the validity of the contemporary adage “First Gun Control, Then TOTAL Control” will be hard to find. The frozen starved ghosts of Morristown’s Jockey Hollow say “damn all the ungrateful traitorous-to-“The-Cause” Tories like Angelique Scholl and Harding Mayor Nicholas Platt, who live in all generations.” Truth will win out in this war on free speech, and the Second Amendment which insures it against all forms of fraudulent leadership, just as it has since New Jersey was the Crossroads of The American Revolution. You just wait and see!!!

    1. My apologies to Angelique Scholl. I misread the story an mistakenly included you with those who are responsible for this sad extension of an America losing its way as a result of a very few monsters amongst us. I wish you all the best and once again beg your generous pardon as well as of those who read and post here.

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