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Tom Malinowski

31 women back Malinowski

By David Wildstein, January 20 2018 10:52 am

As the Women’s March on New Jersey is close to starting in Morristown this morning, Democratic congressional candidate Tom Malinowski has released a group of endorsements from 31 women who have been leaders in the public and private sectors.

In a statement, the group said they “support Tom because he’s fought for women – and for the rights of all people – throughout his long career in public life, and we know he’ll bring that same commitment to fighting for us here in New Jersey.  For 25 years, he defended America’s values at home and represented them to the rest of the world.”

Among the endorsements most recognizable to the New Jersey political world: Clinton Mayor Janice Kovach, who ran against Rep. Leonard Lance (R-Clinton) in 2014; Mitchelle Drulis, a longtime Democratic activist who was Chief of Staff to Assemblyman Joe Egan; former Lawrence Mayor Pam Mount; former Montgomery Mayor Louise Wilson, Emerge NJ board member Bibi Taylor, and former state Board of Education member Susie Wilson.

Not all of Malinowski’s endorsers live in the 7th district.

“As a leader in the State Department under President Obama, Tom worked to protect women and girls in Iraq and Syria threatened by ISIS, and he mobilized our government to support courageous women fighting for political representation in Afghanistan.  He fought to ensure that no American aid went to foreign militaries that committed violence against women,” the statement said. “He will fight, too, to demand equal pay for equal work, for paid family leave and affordable child care.”

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