Opinion: On collective bargaining anniversary, unions matter more than ever

Fifty years ago today, on September 13, 1968, New Jersey public employees gained the legal right to collectively bargain with their employers. The politics around labor rights were very different then; the Public Employment Relations Act that granted those rights had been vetoed by Gov. Richard Hughes, a Democrat. That veto was overridden by the Republican-controlled Legislature to cement a major milestone for the rights of working people in New

Opinion: Bold Decisions in a New Era

OPINION The recent New Jersey State Budget approved by the Legislature for submission to Governor Phil Murphy comprised bold decisions acknowledging a new era where federal supports for states have vanished. With a morally bankrupt Federal government, redefining the role of state government in relation to the free market must be addressed.  The growing wealth gap, stagnate wages and growth in child poverty for New Jersey cannot be ignored.  Dismantling

Me, Gentleman?

If you’ve come across former New Jersey Governor turned State Senator Richard “Dick” Codey, you may have had the opportunity to have him charm you. You may have been disarmed by a joke or, upon finishing up a conversation, remarked to yourself that “he’s quite the nice guy.” After all, why wouldn’t you? The former Governor, who took over the helm of the Garden State after scandal rocked former Governor

Amy Wilson: Stronger, fairer, or if this is paradise, I wish I had a lawnmower: The promotional videos of Governor Phil Murphy

Governor Phil Murphy has released a series of short promotional videos on his Twitter account, touting his various goals and achievements so far. Here, I will consider the advertisements as art objects and not policy, and talk about their successes and failures as such. The “Raising the Minimum Wage” ad https://twitter.com/GovMurphy/status/990976015987036165 Shot in a documentary style, this ad follows a woman (“My friends and affiliates call me Miss Cookie”) who

Visual analysis of the NJ11 Congressional Race, based on four websites

Images matter. Candidates for elected office spend thousands trying to get just the right photo, logo, and website to capture their message. In this visual analysis of the NJ11 Congressional Race candidates, I’ll be looking at two of the best, most professional, and clear websites, and two of the absolute worst. Best in show Ghee Family From a strictly visual standpoint, Tony Ghee’s website is fantastic.

PBA Leaders Celebrate National Police Week

As a member of the law enforcement community, May 13th – May 19th is a historical and significant time of year, where we honor all law enforcement personnel throughout our country. In 1962, President John F. Kennedy signed a proclamation designating May 15 as Peace Officers Memorial Day, and every week during that time of year as National Police Week. This is a time for our country to salute the

Garden State Initiative Right-Wing Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

For the past few decades, all across America, right-wing corporations and billionaires like the Koch brothers have been stealthily funding organizations with a mission aimed at stacking the deck against working families.  Their goal is not to shape meaningful public policy, but rather to boost the bottom lines of their big business and well-heeled backers. These deep-pocketed groups are methodical, connected and committing serious resources to their regressive efforts.  All