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Statements on the Terrorist Attack in Afghanistan

By David Wildstein, August 26 2021 6:18 pm


“I feel compelled to address the attack this afternoon at the Kabul airport. I understand that American soldiers were among the casualties and my prayers are with the victims of this cowardly attack – an attack against Americans, an attack against poor souls desperate to escape the dismal prospects of Taliban rule. As we wait for more details to come in, one thing is clear: We cannot trust the Taliban with Americans’ security.  It is on days like this that allies matter. It is on days like this that foreign relations with countries that share our values matter.”


“I am devastated by the tragic loss of life, especially the brave U.S. soldiers murdered on a mission to protect others and those who aided our troops. These courageous individuals were murdered by terrorists. I am praying for the innocent lives lost and for their loved ones. Today’s tragic deaths must add urgency to the withdrawal of all American citizens and evacuees from Afghanistan immediately. I hope fervently these heroes are the last Americans who will die in this conflict.”


“Melinda and I send our deepest sympathies to the families of all those lost in the terrorist attack in Kabul today. As the parents of a serviceman, our hearts go out to them. The attack today, targeting and killing American troops on the ground, is another heartbreaking and infuriating tragedy that could have been avoided. This is a national embarrassment and a disgrace for which the Biden Administration must be held accountable.”


“Devastated by today’s terrorist attack outside Hamid Karzai Airport that claimed the lives of several U.S. servicemembers & innocent civilians. We are praying for the victims & their families, & for the safety of all our servicemembers, fellow Americans, & allies in Afghanistan.


“A dozen brave Americans gave their lives today trying to help other Americans and our allies get to safety in Afghanistan. I am grieving for them and for the Afghans who died today, and thinking of the thousands of others on that airfield who are still trying to help.  But this is not the end of hope for those who remain, whether American or Afghan. Secretary Blinken rightly said that there is no deadline for evacuation even after our troops leave, and I’ve been talking to the administration about creative and concrete options.  Meanwhile let’s prepare to welcome to America the Afghans who believed in us, and who soon will be part of us. That will be a happier chapter in the story our relationship with this extraordinary country, a story that is far from over.”


“My heart and my prayers are with the loved ones of the American service members and Afghan civilians who were killed in the acts of terrorism earlier today in Afghanistan.  The American heroes who were killed today undoubtedly saved the lives of many more, their enduring legacy will be one of service and sacrifice.  I strongly condemn this act of terror and vow to work alongside my colleagues and the Biden Administration to find those responsible and hold them accountable. I commend and am deeply grateful to the brave U.S. service members and diplomats working to continue the evacuation.”

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