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State Division of Motor Vehicles chief administrator B. Sue Fulton. (Photo: Sue Fulton.)

Fulton takes 9% pay cut for consolation Biden post

Pentagon job she couldn’t get paid about the same as N.J. cabinet position

By David Wildstein, July 05 2022 3:59 pm

Sue Fulton has taken a $17,500 pay cut to flee state government and take a job in the Biden administration.

The beleaguered chief administrator of the New Jersey Motor Vehicles Commission was making $174,999 as a member of Gov. Phil Murphy’s cabinet.  Her new job as assistant U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs comes with a $158,500 annual salary, accordant to Terrence Hayes, a spokesman for the Veterans Administration.

The post was Fulton’s second choice after the U.S. Senate declined to confirm her as an assistant U.S. Secretary of Defense for manpower and reserve affairs.  That post paid $175,262.

The veterans post is less prestigious but did not require Senate confirmation.

Biden had named Fulton to the Pentagon post in April 2021 but withdrew it last month.  The Senate Armed Services Committee held a confirmation hearing for Fulton last October but they never held a vote after three Republicans criticized her social media posts.

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