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Decommissioned Gannett newspaper vending machines. (Photo: Facebook.)

Gannett caves to threat of TAPinto lawsuit

By David Wildstein, December 09 2021 6:07 pm

Gannett has backed off the use of the TAPinto brand for their marketing materials after the local news organization threatened a lawsuit.

Six weeks after TAPinto complained to the Asbury Park Press that they were infringing up on the company’s trademark, another Gannett-owned newspaper, the Courier News, began running identical digital ads.

“Years after abandoning their former readers who so desperately craved original local news reporting in their communities, corporate giant Gannett has once again sought to harness the reputation and credibility of TAPinto in a misleading attempt to win back these readers,” Michael Shapiro, the owner of TAPinto, said in October.  “If you can’t trust Gannett’s marketing, how can you trust their commitment to local news?

Now Shapiro reports that Gannett has backed off and promised not to use the TAPinto name going forward.

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