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Plainfield Mayor Adrian Mapp. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for New Jersey Globe).

Where local races stand in Union County

By Joey Fox, November 16 2021 12:50 pm

Berkeley Heights

Republicans John Foster and Paul Donnelly unseated Democratic Councilmen Alvaro Medeiros and Stephen Yellin for two seats on the Berkeley Heights Township Council; each Republican won around 27% of the vote to each Democrat’s 23%.


Republican Gina Black flipped a seat on the Cranford Township Committee for her party, defeating Democrat Kathleen Rappa – who unseated incumbent Committeeman Thomas Hannen in the Democratic primary – by a 52-48% margin.


Councilwomen Patricia Walsh and Erin McElroy-Barker, both Democrats, were re-elected to the Fanwood Borough Council unopposed.


Republicans Kimberly Salmon and Heather Loffredo flipped two seats on the Garwood Borough Council with 27% of the vote each, defeating Democrats Clarissa Nolde and Jeffrey Jotz, who each got 23%; incumbent Democratic Councilmen Sean Benoit and Michael Ince did not seek re-election.


Mayor Dahlia Vertreese narrowly avoided a runoff, defeating Councilwoman Nancy Mondella, who had the support of many Union County Democrats, and Councilwoman Andrea Hyatt 51-32-17%.

The race for three at-large seats on the Hillside Township Council, however, remains undetermined; Councilmen George Cook and Craig Epps are headed to a six-way runoff with Renee Howard, Armando Guerra, Lisa Bonnano, and Robert Rios.


Republican Councilman Joseph Finistrella and fellow Republican John Zimmerman won two seats on the Kenilworth Borough Council, receiving 30% and 31% of the vote, respectively; they defeated Democratic Councilman Gerry Laudati and fellow Democrat Louis Demondo, who each got around 20%.


1st Ward Councilwoman Lisa Ormon and 9th Ward Councilman Armando Medina, both Democrats, were re-elected to the Linden City Council unopposed.


Republican Councilmembers Robert Messler and Rachel Pater won re-election to the Mountainside Borough Council without opposition.

New Providence

Councilmen Peter DeSarno and Matthew Cumiskey, both Republicans, defeated lone Democrat Allen Swanson 37-35-27% for re-election to the New Providence Borough Council.


After narrowly winning a competitive Democratic primary against school board member Richard Wyatt and Councilman Sean McKenna, Mayor Adrian Mapp won re-election to a third term unopposed. In the lone council seat up for election, meanwhile, Democra Terri Briggs-Jones won unopposed; she previously defeated incumbent Councilwoman Stacey Welch in the Democratic primary.


Democratic Councilmen Brandon Bernier and John Fortuna were re-elected to the Roselle Borough Council unopposed.

Roselle Park

Democrats held two seats on the Roselle Park Borough Council: 1st Ward Councilman Joseph Petrosky beat Republican Rodric Bowman 60-40%, and 5th Ward Councilman Jay Robaina won unopposed. But Republicans also held one seat of their own, with 3rd Ward Councilwoman Jodi Bellomo narrowly fending off Democratic challenger Rosanna Lyons 51-49%.

Scotch Plains

Democratic Councilman Matt Adams beat Republican Deanna Dell-Bene 55-45% for re-election to an unexpired term on the Scotch Plains Township Council.


Councilmen Chris Weber and Alex Keiser, both Democrats, won re-election to the Springfield Township Committee 32-30-20-18% over Republicans Jerry Fernandez and Jorge Aparicio, the latter of whom came under fire for his offensive Facebook posts.


Democrats held onto three seats on the Summit Common Council, while Republicans retained one seat of their own.

For an at-large seat, incumbent Democratic Councilwoman Beth Little beat Republican Steven Spurr 55-45%; in Ward 1, Democrat Andy Minegar won 52-48% against Republican Robert Weck, holding the seat of retiring Democratic Councilman David Naidu; and Democratic Ward 2 Councilman Greg Vartan defeated Republican David Fosgate 55-45%. But in a separate election for an unexpired term in Ward 2, Democrats did not field a candidate, and Republican Councilwoman Lisa Allen won unopposed.

Union Township

Democratic Committeemembers Manuel Figueiredo and Michele Delisfort, the latter of whom currently serves as mayor, were re-elected to the Union Township Committee unopposed.


Democrats held all offices up for election in Westfield – the mayoralty and four council seats – albeit none by huge margins.

Democratic Mayor Shelley Brindle, who trounced Republican incumbent Andy Skibitsky in 2017, won re-election over Republican JoAnn Neylan by a 56-44% margin. In Ward 1, Councilwoman Linda Habgood defeated Republican Amanda Como 57-43%; Councilman Michael Dardia beat Republican Denise Garrett 53-46% in Ward 2; in Ward 3, Councilman David Contract won against Republican Shawn Mullen 59-41%; and Ward 4 Councilwoman Dawn Mackey defeated Republican James Restivo 56-44%.


Democrat Joseph Byrne won his first term on the Winfield Township Committee unopposed.

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