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Election Day poll workers sign in a voter in Sussex County. (Photo: Sussex County Board of Elections).

Where local races stand in Sussex County

By Joey Fox, November 16 2021 10:54 am

Andover Borough

Republican Councilmembers Robert Smith and Mel Dennison won re-election to the Andover Borough Council unopposed.

Andover Township

Republican Committeewoman Janis McGovern, who also currently serves as mayor, and fellow Republican Eric Karr won two seats on the Andover Township Committee unopposed.


Republicans Russell Bellis and Troy Orr won two seats on the Branchville Borough Council unopposed, following their defeat of incumbent Councilman Steven Schechner in the Republican primary. No candidates filed for a third seat on the borough council, which will instead be filled by write-in candidate Mary Whitesell.


Mayor Alexander Rubenstein won another term with 48% of the vote against two opponents, while Councilman Harvey Roseff was re-elected over Gregory Smith by a 56-44% margin; both contests were nonpartisan.


Committeemembers Edwin Risdon and David Silverthorne, both Republicans, were re-elected unopposed to the Frankford Township Committee, Silverthorne for the remainder of an unexpired term.


Republican Councilman Gilbert Snyder and fellow Republican Rachel Heath, who beat out incumbent Councilman Stephan Zydon in the Republican primary, defeated independent Shane Hrbek and Democrat Patricia Rowett 33-35-16-15%.


Republican Committeeman John Flora and fellow Republican George Plock won two seats on the Fredon Township Committee unopposed.


Republican Committeeman Daniel Conkling defeated Democrat Devan Mull 74-26% for another term on the Green Township Committee.


Republican Councilman Mark Sena and fellow Republican John Haig were elected to the Hamburg Borough Council without opposition.


Republican Committeeman Timothy Dooley and fellow Republican Edward Ramm, who unseated incumbent Councilman Keith Gourlay in the Republican primary, won two seats on the Hampton Township Committee 36-35-15-14% against Democrats David de Wit and Dennis Augustus.


Councilman Carl Miller, a Republican, won re-election to the Hardyston Township Council unopposed.


In a five-way race for two seats, Republican Councilmembers Dawn Roberts and Ryan Smith defeated independents Marie Galate and Heather Fiore, as well as Democrat Mara Modes, 29-27-16-14-14%.


Republican Committeeman Kevin O’Leary beat Democrat Sean Jans 76-24% for re-election to the Lafayette Township Committee.


Republican newcomers Jim LeDonne and Joe Krumpfer, who narrowly unseated Committeewoman Toni-Lu Martin in the Republican primary, won two seats on the Montague Township Committee unopposed.


Republican Councilman Nelson Alvarez and fellow Republican Kenneth Poyer were elected to the Ogdensburg Common Council without opposition.


Republican Committeeman Ronnie Green won re-election to the Sandyston Township Committee unopposed.


Councilmen Bill Thornton, Gene Wronko, and Michael Vance, all Republicans, were re-elected to the Stanhope Borough Council; Thornton and Wronko beat lone Democrat Najib Iftikhar 41-38-21% for two full terms, while Vance defeated Democrat Owen Newson 63-37% for the remainder of an unexpired term.


Republican Committeemen Paul Barta and George Scott were re-elected to the Stillwater Township Committee unopposed.

Sussex Borough

Councilmen Jake Little and Charles Fronheiser, both Republicans, defeated Democrat Damaris Lira 42-39-19% for re-election to the Sussex Borough Council; simultaneously, Republican Councilman Robert Holowach won re-election to an unexpired term unopposed.


In a five-candidate, nonpartisan race for three seats on the Vernon Township Council, newcomers Brian Lynch, Natalie Buccieri, and Patrick Rizzuto unseated incumbent Councilmen Andrew Pitsker and John Auberger, 25-21-20-17-17%.


Republican Committeeman James Heigis won re-election unopposed to the Walpack Township Committee, whose three members make up nearly half of Walpack’s population of seven.


Committeeman Bill Gaechter, a Republican who also currently serves as mayor, was re-elected to the Wantage Township Committee unopposed.

This story was updated at 11:13 a.m. on November 19 to incorporate early and absentee votes, which were not initially included in vote calculations; while some margins shifted as a result of the error, no races were called incorrectly.

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