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Chatham Township Deputy Mayor Kathy Abbott. (Chatham Democrats).

Where local races stand in Morris County

By Joey Fox, November 11 2021 12:05 pm

Boonton Town

In four races for the Boonton Town Council, Democrats held onto one seat and Republicans held onto three, one of them by a narrow margin.

In Ward 1, Republican John Meehan, who previously defeated incumbent Councilman Ed Robillard in the Republican primary, won 56-44% against Democrat Anne Mizera. Ward 2 Councilwoman Edina Renfro-Michel, a Democrat, defeated Republican Louis Karvonidis 56-44%. Republican Councilman Joe Bock won re-election to Ward 3 against Democrat Kimberly Mazzei 57-43%. Finally, in Ward 4, Republican Councilman Mike Wade eked out a 51-49% victory over Democrat James Plaisted.

Boonton Township

Republican Committeeman Thomas SanFilippo, Jr. won re-election to the Boonton Township Committee unopposed.


Mayor Ryan Martinez won his first full term as mayor, Councilmen Robert Fox and Robert Meier were both re-elected, and Councilman Marc Piccirillo won an unexpired term on the Butler Borough Council; all four Republicans were unopposed.

Chatham Borough

Democratic Councilwomen Carolyn Dempsey and Jocelyn Mathiasen won re-election to the Chatham Borough Council over lone Republican Freddie Bicknese 37-35-28%.

Chatham Township

Democratic Committeewoman Kathy Abbott, appointed to the Chatham Township Committee over the summer after previously serving on it as a Republican, narrowly lost re-election to Republican Mark Lois 50.3-49.7%, flipping control of the township to Republicans; Abbott has indicated she may seek a recount.

Chester Borough

Councilmen Kyle Holman and Christopher Heil, both Republicans, were re-elected to the Chester Borough Council unopposed.

Chester Township

Republican Councilman Tim Drag and fellow Republican John Butkus won two seats on the Chester Township Council, unseating independent Councilman Brian Curley 40-42-17%.


Four Republicans – Councilmen Christpher Golinski, Glenn Buie, and Gary Borowiec alongside newcomer Christina Kovacs – won four seats on the Denville Township Council. Golinski and Borowiec were unopposed in Wards 2 and 4; Kovacs defeated Democrat Linda Humphries 63-37% in Ward 1; and Buie faced a mildly competitive race, beating Democrat Barbara Kane 55-45% in Ward 3.


Four Democrats, three of them incumbents, won seats on the Dover Board of Aldermen. 

In Ward 1, Democratic Alderwoman Jessica Cruz defeated Republican Idali Ramos 63-36%, while Ward 2 Democratic Alderwoman Judith Rigg won re-election unopposed. Democratic Alderman Adrian Ballesteros won against Republican Patricia Carroll 56-44% in Ward 3, and Democrat Arturo Santana – who previously defeated Alderman Marcos Tapia in the Democratic primary – won a three-way race with 54% of the vote in Ward 4.

East Hanover

Democratic Councilwoman Carolyn Jandoli won re-election to the East Hanover Township Council without opposition.

Florham Park

Republican Councilman Scott Carpenter and fellow Republican Joshua Marchal won two seats on the Florham Park Borough Council 38-37-24% over Democrat John Upton.


Committeeman and Mayor John Ferramosca, a Republican, won re-election unopposed to the Hanover Township Committee.


Republican Committeeman Tim Jones, who also currently serves as mayor, and fellow Republican Nicole Nicole Lacz defeated lone Democrat Kate Barry; each Republican received around 40% of the vote to Barry’s 20%.


Councilman Josh Kalish, a Republican running for an unexpired term on the Jefferson Township Council, defeated Democrat Christine Malloy 69-31%.


Republican Councilmen Bill Yago and Vincent Russo were re-elected to the Kinnelon Borough Council unopposed.

Long Hill

Mayor Guy Piserchia and Deputy Mayor Brendan Rae, both Republicans, won re-election to the Long Hill Township Committee without opposition.


Democratic Councilwoman Debra Coen and fellow Democrat Eric Range won two seats on the Madison Borough Council unopposed.

Mendham Borough

Republican Councilmen Steve Andrew and Brennan Reilly won re-election unopposed to the Mendham Borough Council.

Mendham Township

Mayor Sarah Neibart and Deputy Mayor Nick Monaghan, both Republicans, defeated Democratic Eric Inglis and Meredith Sahl 27-27-24-22% for re-election to the Mendham Township Committee.

Mine Hill

Committeewomen Kristine Kanzenbach, Deborah Giordano, and Jerilyn Marino – all Republicans – were re-elected to the Mine Hill Township Committee without opposition.


Committeeman Frank Cooney, a Republican who currently serves as Montville Township’s mayor, defeated Democrat Michael O’Brien 64-36%.

Morris Plains

Republican Councilmembers Dennis Wagner and Cathie Kelly won re-election to the Morris Plains Borough Council unopposed. 

Morris Township

Democratic Committeeman Mark Gyorfy and fellow Democrat Tara Olivo-Moore retained two seats on the Morris Township Committee against Republicans Joseph Calvanelli and Sandra Garcia, 27-26-24-23%; Olivo-Moore will succeed Mayor Jeff Grayzel, who unsuccessfully ran for State Senate.


Mayor Timothy Dougherty, a Democrat, won re-election unopposed, while three Democrats running for town council – incumbents Toshiba Foster and David Silva alongside newcomer Nathan Umbriac – defeated three independent candidates with around 24% of the vote each.

Mount Arlington

Republican Councilwomen Nita Galate and Maria Ferris won re-election to the Mount Arlington Borough Council unopposed.

Mount Olive

Four Republican incumbents – Councilmen John Ferrante, John Mania, Gregory Stewart, and Daniel Amianda – defeated four Democrats to retain their seats on the Mount Olive Township Council; each Republican received around 15% of the vote, to each Democrat’s 10%.


Republican Councilman Joseph Albensi and fellow Republican Todd Morton won two seats on the Netcong Borough Council unopposed.


Democratic Mayor Michael Soriano was unseated 48-52%; his opponent was the man he himself unseated four years ago, former Republican Mayor James Barbiero. Barbiero’s slate of nominees for Parsippany Township Council was also victorious, with Republicans Justin Musella and Frank Neglia defeating Democrats Judith Hernandez and Cori Herbig 27-26-24-23%.


Republican Councilman John Driesse defeated Democrat Nicholas DeStefano 63-37% for an unexpired term on the Pequannock Township Council.


Councilmen Dave Desai and Matt Oswald, both Republicans, were re-elected to the Riverdale Borough Council without opposition.

Rockaway Borough

Republican Councilmen Thomas Haynes and James Hurley won re-election unopposed to the Rockaway Borough Council.

Rockaway Township

Rockaway Township held six council elections, one for each of its wards. Five were unopposed; Democratic incumbents Jonathan Sacklett and Emmanuel Friedlander were re-elected in Wards 4 and 5, while Republicans incumbents John Quinn and Doug Brookes, alongside newcomer Rachael Brookes (who defeated incumbent Tucker Kelley in the Republican primary), won in Wards 2, 3, and 6, respectively. In the lone contested race, Republican Ward 1 Councilwoman Mary Noon narrowly defeated Democrat Susan Fahrman Royek 51-49%.


Four Republican Councilmen – Bob DeFillippo, Jim Rilee, Mark Crowley, and Shawn Potillo – were re-elected to the Roxbury Township Council. DeFillippo, Rilee, and Crowley all won with around 22% of the vote in a six-way race, while Potillo defeated Democrat Ketih Griffin 64-36% for an unexpired term.

Victory Gardens

Democratic Councilwomen Ondria Garcia-Montes and Kendyll Hedgepath won re-election to the Victory Gardens Borough Council 40-40-20% over Republican James Janone.


Committeemen Kenneth Short and Bill Roehrich, both Republicans, were re-elected to the Washington Township Committee over Democrat Michael Brunken, 39-39-21%.


Republican Councilmembers Nicole Wickenheisser and Tom Yeager defeated lone Democrat Stephanie Puerta 36-24-29% for two seats on the Wharton Borough Council.

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