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New Jersey National Organization for Women President Anjali Mehrotra.

Mountainside challengers: Borough’s response to dildogate suit weak, incomplete

By Nikita Biryukov, July 25 2018 2:02 pm

Editor’s note: This article was updated with comment from Mountainside Mayor Paul Mirabelli at 3:10 p.m.

Council candidates in Mountainside are using a suit alleging a consistent sexual harassment by a pair of the borough’s police officers, including incidents involving the now-infamous dildo dubbed “big blue,” against incumbent council members, saying that the borough’s response to the suit was weak and incomplete.

Candidates Anjali Mehrotra and Ileana Montes on Tuesday said that the borough’s response to the allegations did not address a number of issues brought up by the suit, including allegations of a coverup perpetrated by the council.

“This is simply political posturing. If these candidates attended tonight’s Borough Council meeting, they’d know people were genuinely supportive of the actions announced by the Council,” Mountainside Mayor Paul Mirabelli said.  “I understand this topic greatly concerns our residents, but trying to catch the Council in a political ‘gotcha moment’ will only harm the very people these candidates seek to represent. It is in the best interest of the Borough that the Council follows the advice of our attorneys and keep our comments to a minimum at this time.”

The announcement was also not listed on the agenda for the council’s meeting on Monday.

The two candidates also called for an independent investigation of the council, the mayor’s administration and the Mountainside Police Department.

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One thought on “Mountainside challengers: Borough’s response to dildogate suit weak, incomplete

  1. It is not political to want to fix a broken and corrupt system that created the environment for these activities to take place and continue for almost
    20 years and to have an investigation that gets to the bottom of this horrific scandal and not just covering it up.
    What is political and corrupt is to postpone action until guilty officials (and friends) get enough time in to retire with full benefits and allow guilty parties (and friends) to retire instead of prosecuting illegal
    activity that will cost residents hundreds of thousands of dollars. What is political and corrupt is to blame only our police force for activities that were known and condoned by the Mayor, Council and Business Administrator (and former Police Chief when this all started).

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