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Rose Estwanick

Thanks to NJ 101.5, 106-year-old woman won’t lose her home

Octogenarian faced tax sale for unpaid property taxes

By David Wildstein, July 26 2019 11:55 am

A 106-year-old Cranford woman on the verge of losing her home in a tax sale got a reprieve after NJ 101.5 called attention to the issue and helped raise over $14,000 on the GoFundMe site.

Rose Estwanick owed about $12,000 in unpaid taxes on a home she’s lived in since 1943, but received a notice – one local officials are legally obligated to send – saying that they would be forced to take her home if she didn’t come up with $8,400 by September 18 – three days before her 107th birthday.

“The albatross of delinquent property taxes is around our necks. A dime, a dollar, or any amount is greatly appreciated to keep Mom in place where she’s lived for over 75 years without threats of tax liens, foreclosure on property and our family home auctioned off,” a family member said on the GoFundMe site.

For now, thanks to NJ 101.5 calling attention to Estwanick’s plight, it looks like she’ll remain in her home for now.

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One thought on “Thanks to NJ 101.5, 106-year-old woman won’t lose her home

  1. Lucky someone was listening … my 82 yr old dad is in a similar situation due to him taking care of my mom his wife of 55 yrs … mom had dementia so 10 yrs ago dad did a reverse mortgage on there house to keep her in it …. well he was diagnosed with the same thing and then I learned his house was in forclosure because of his taxes …. mom passed aye ago and I’m trying to keep the roof over his head …. 20 thousand is what he owes … the way it works is that he was responsible for the taxes and insurance but then he started having problems … the mortgage company force an insurance policy of 3000 a yr which then things just spiraled from there …. its very sad what happens to the elderly … so I’m glad this women can stay where she is

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