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Slew of candidates seek Paterson council seats

Most challengers, incumbents not raising much money

By Nikita Biryukov, May 06 2020 2:25 pm

All but one of the six Paterson Council incumbents seeking re-election this year face multiple challengers in their bids for another term.

Councilman Michael Jackson faces challenges from Mosleh Uddin and Nakima Redmon in a low-dollar race for the first ward council seat.

None of the three have filed reports disclosing their campaign contributions. Jackson and Redmon have filed no forms with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission apart from their certificates of organization.

Uddin, who ran for school board in 2018, filed a form saying he would not spend more than $5,100 on the race.

Money was also tight in the second ward, where incumbent Shahin Khalique is fielding challenges from Mohammed Akhtaruzzaman, a former councilman, and Frank Filippelli.

Of the ward’s three candidates, Filippelli is the only one to report campaign contributions. He has reported raising $1,050 in his 29-day pre-election filing. At the time, he had spent none of that money.

Third ward Councilman William McKoy, who has not reported any campaign contributions, is being challenged by four other candidatse.

Alex Mendez reported raising $15,786 in his bid for McKoy’s seat, though he spent almost all of that money and reported having just $198.55 in his campaign account 29 days ahead of the election.

Sharrief Bugg, another candidate seeking the third ward seat, raised $4,242.09 and has $466.76 in his war chest.

Robyn Spencer filed a form saying she would spend less than $5,100 on the race, and Chauncey Brown III has not filed anything with ELEC.

Because Paterson does not hold runoffs for its non-partisan municipal elections, the race in the third ward is more volatile than others in the city.

Councilwoman Ruby Cotton appears to hold a significant cash lead over two challengers in the city’s fourth ward.

Cotton reported raising $10,150 on top of $1,667.17 left in her campaign account in her 29-day pre-election filing.

Almost all of that money, $10,000, came from a personal loan the candidate made her campaign.

Despite the loan, Cotton reported having just $1,217.82 on hand. She spent $6,000 on campaign signs and $4,000 on mailers.

Her two challengers, Justin Rucker and Eddy Olivares, have not reported any campaign contributions.

Fifth Ward Councilman Luis Velez and his two opponents, Ramon Joaquin and Ricardo Cuebas did not report any contributions to ELEC.

Councilman Al Abdelaziz is the only incumbent whose seat is up for election to not face a challenge.

Abdelaziz, who won Andre Sayegh’s sixth ward council seat after Sayegh was sworn in as the city’s mayor, reported raising $54,968 as of Jan. 15. He has not filed campaign finance reports since then.

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