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Paterson Mayor Andre Sayegh. New Jersey Globe Photo.

Sayegh begins roads project to improve quality of life

New Paterson mayor says city will be ‘more presentable’

By David Wildstein, August 09 2018 12:56 am

PATERSON – Paterson Mayor Andre Sayegh says that the city will resurface 23 streets between now and the end of the year as part of a plan to improve the quality of life in the state’s third largest city.

Sayegh, who took office on July 1, says that road conditions were one of the complaints he heard most often from local residents when he was campaigning for mayor.

“It makes the city more presentable to those who wish to move here,” Sayegh said on Wednesday.  The mayor also said that improved road conditions will make it easier for the city to attract new businesses.

Sayegh said that the paving project was a “true collaboration” with the city council.

“Ever ward will have a road resurfaced,” he said.

Councilwoman Ruby Cotton said she has roads in her ward that have not been paved in 25 years.

“I have a list,” Cotton said.  “I keep it on my desk.”

One newly-elected councilwoman, Dr. Lilisa Mimms, praised Sayegh for moving forward on the long-awaited project.

“A better Paterson is a reality,” Mimms said.

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