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Gerald Gormley served as Atlantic County Sheriff from 1948 to 1969.

Rivals come together in tribute to local legend

By David Wildstein, September 09 2020 6:52 pm

A group of Atlantic County politicians – some of whom do not like each other – came together today in tribute to the late Gerald Gormley, who served as the Hap Farley-era Atlantic County Sheriff.

The Atlantic County Sheriff’s Foundation and the Gormley family put former Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Bill Gormley (R-Margate) and longtime County Executive Dennis Levinson on the figurative stage.  The current sheriff, Eric Scheffler.  Scheffler is seeking re-election this fall.

Gerald Gormley was a popular Atlantic City undertaker when Farley picked him to run for sheriff in 1947.  He beat Tom Henshaw, a former freeholder, in the Republican primary.

In the general election, Gormley beat Edison Hedges, an attorney from Hammonton who had run against Farley in 1938.  He served as sheriff for 21 years.

The scholarship is named for Sheriff Gormley.

Bill Gormley won a State assembly seat in 1975, four years after Farley was ousted from the Senate.

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