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New Providence Mayor Al Morgan. (Photo: Al Morgan).

Republicans hold mayor’s office in New Providence

Mayor Al Morgan fends off challenge from Democrat Harry Clewell

By Joey Fox, November 09 2022 2:27 am

The New Jersey Globe projects that New Providence Mayor Al Morgan, a Republican, has won re-election, defeating Democratic attorney Harry Clewell.

As of 2:27 a.m., Morgan leads Clewell by a 54%-46% margin.

New Providence, like many of its fellow Union County suburbs, has grown more Democratic in recent years, voting for Democrats in most statewide and federal elections.

But Republicans have retained their hold on local government despite the blue shift. One of those local Republicans, Michele Matsikoudis, was elected to the State Assembly last year, carrying New Providence in the process.

Though Democrats came close to flipping two council seats in 2018, Morgan didn’t even face a Democratic opponent in the last two mayoral elections.

Elected alongside Morgan were Republican Councilwoman Diane Bilicska, who was appointed to Matsikoudis’ seat, and fellow Republican Alex Kogan; they defeated Democrats Rupa Kale and Tommy DeCataldo.

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