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Races in Neptune Borough, Keyport, Eatontown still too close to call

By Nikita Biryukov, November 10 2020 2:04 pm

Municipal races in Neptune Borough, Keyport and Eatontown remain too close to call.

In Neptune, Democratic Council incumbents Pamela Renee and Glen Kocsis hold incredibly slim leads over Republican challengers Robert Burr and Michaela O’Brien.

Burr is in third place with 1,189 votes. Renee has 1,221 and Kocsis 1,201, putting him just 12 votes ahead of his challenger.

O’Brien is in last with 1,144 votes.

The race for a year of an unexpired council term is even closer, there Democrat John Pietrunti leads Councilman Brian Sullivan by just seven votes, 1,192-1,185.

One Democrat and one Republican hold leads in the race for two Keyport Council seats.

Republican Lori Davidson is in first with 1,656 votes, while Democrat Kathleen McNamara is in second with 1,629.

Her Democratic running mate, Sophia Lamberson, leads Republican Suleyman Kilic by just three votes, 1,571-1,568.

Democratic Councilman Isaiah Cooper and Council President Joseph Sheridan did not seek re-election. A Republican win there would break Democrats’ complete control over the local government.

In Eatontown, Republican Councilman Mark Regan is running in first with 3,057 votes, but his running mate, James Corcoran, is in last with 2,945 votes.

Democrats Danielle Jones and Mariel Hufnagel have 3,014 and 2,978 votes, respectively.

If Democrats win both seats, they’ll have a 3-2 majority on the council until at least next year.

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