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Perth Amboy Mayor Wilda Diaz.

Pabon, municipal prosecutor endorse Diaz for fourth term

Incumbent mayor faces run-off challenge from Councilman Helmin Caba

By Nikita Biryukov, December 08 2020 9:41 am

Perth Amboy Councilman Joel Pabon and municipal prosecutor Billy Delgado endorsed Mayor Wilda Diaz for another term Tuesday.

“I will be supporting the team of Mayor Wilda Diaz, Pastor Bernadette Falcon-Lopez and Junior Iglesia. My decision at this time has to be the right one that I feel is right for the City of Perth Amboy,” Pabon said in a video posted to Facebook.

Diaz faces a challenge from Councilmen Helmin Caba in her bid for a fourth term as mayor of the Middlesex County city of about 51,000. The two of them won enough votes in November to advance to the runoff, which is set to be held on Dec. 15.

Pabon finished fourth among five candidates in the first round of voting, winning about 6.5% of the vote. Diaz got 33%, while Caba received 30%.

“We have seen significant developments in education, quality of life and employment,” Delgado said. “When Wilda Diaz ran 12 years ago, she focused on making a difference in all the areas that matter most to our City.”

Iglesia and Falcon-Lopez, Diaz’s council running mates, face Rose Morales and BJ Torres, who ran on a slate with Caba.

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