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Health Professionals and Allied Employees (HPAE) President Debbie White

Nurses approve University Hospital with 98% of vote

By David Wildstein, December 12 2019 1:17 pm

Registered nurses at University Hospital in Newark have approved a new contract by a stackesque 98%-2% vote.

The nurses are represented by the Health Professionals and Allied Employees (HPAE) Local 5089.

“This contract will help ensure that University Hospital patients receive the kind of high quality care they deserve and are entitled to,” said HPAE Local 5089 President Cynthia McGougall. “HPAE fought hard over the past year to provide a contract that protects both our members and the patients we serve. We believe this contract does just that and are proud that 98% of our members agree.”

In addition to stronger target staging levels, the new contract includes non-hostile workplace language, a comprehensive wage package, and an inclusion of Workplace Democracy Act and Earned Sick Leave provisions.

“We are proud of this contract and I want to thank University Hospital President Shereef Elnahal for working with us on it,” said HPAE President Debbie White.  “We look forward to continued dialogue on how the hospital can best serve its patients and staff.”

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