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Fox News personality Greg Gutfeld and Ron, DeFilippis, right, the Morris County GOP Finance Chairman at a party fundraiser in February at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster.

DeFilippis using Morris GOP HQ to send out campaign e-mails

By David Wildstein, June 10 2018 1:47 pm

An e-mail from Ron DeFilippis’ campaign for Morris County Republican chairman falsely claims that rival Rob Zwigard is a “newcomer” to the Republican Party, but according to voter registration records, Zwigard has been a registered Republican since 1998.

The attack on Zwigard came from Chris Rogers, a DeFilippis supporter who used the Morris County Republican Committee database to send out the email in support of DeFilippis.

Rogers says that Zwigard “most likely voted for Barrack (sic) Obama.”

The bigger issue emerging in this race is what some Morris Republicans allege is cheating to help DeFilippis win.  There are clear indications that DeFilippis is using the resources of the Morris GOP headquarters to gain access to phone numbers and e-mails of county committee members, a data base that DeFilippis was unlikely to have built on his own.  DeFilippis has also been accused of inflating his fundraising numbers as the county GOP finance chairman.

DeFilippis did not respond to a 1:43 PM phone call seeking comment, which will be added to this story at a later date if appropriate.

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One thought on “DeFilippis using Morris GOP HQ to send out campaign e-mails

  1. I can not believe you guys are even giving this troll and total loser Chris Rogers any light. Chris Rogers was a “child” who ran unsuccessfully in his own town of Roxbury countless times for Board of Education and county committee. He was so hated in Roxbury and Morris County that he was forced to sell his home and move to North Carolina. The fact that DeFillipis would even allow this loser to send an email out on his behalf shows how weak and how horribly he would perform if elected to lead the Morris GOP. Chris Rogers deserves no time and no mention. I heard they are even asking him to move out of North Carolina now.

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