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Morris County Republican Chairwoman Laura Marie Ali. (Photo: Laura Marie Ali).

Ali fires back at Robinson

By Nikita Biryukov, May 27 2020 3:25 pm

Morris County Republican Chairwoman Laura Ali fired back at her Democratic counterpart after he hit State Sen. Joe Pennacchio over his role in a anti-lockdown protest held on Memorial Day.

“I ask Chip and his fellow Morris County Democrats — where is the moral outrage at your Democratic Governor and his neglect of our elderly victims trapped inside nursing homes left to die? They were left alone without the comfort and grace of family around them,” Ali said. “Our fatality rates in the state would be less than half of what’s reported, if policies and attention were paid to the most vulnerable instead of forcing the healthy into perpetual house arrest.”

On Tuesday, Morris County Democratic Chairman Chip Robinson, whom Ali said she liked a great deal, charged Pennacchio was politicizing the pandemic.

The senator, Ali said, was pointing out that the state’s response to COVID-19 would also exact a toll on the state’s residents.

“There are many more victims from this pandemic than those only stricken with the virus. There are people who have no ability to provide food and shelter for their families because their jobs or businesses have been eliminated,” Ali said. “It will take several years to tally the total number of deaths, bankruptcies, layoffs, suicides, mental health problems, losses to the GDP and other costs attributable not just to the virus, but to the measures used to fight it.”

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