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Jeana Safer, a Demcoratic candidate for Middletown Township Committee

Middletown PBA says Sager must apologize to law enforcement

By David Wildstein, September 21 2019 1:57 pm

The head of the Middletown police union is demanding an immediate apology from Democratic Township Committee candidate Jeana Sager for saying that “a lot of police are criminals,” calling her statement “completely unacceptable.”

“All across the country members of law enforcement are continuing to face the real threat of physical violence, so the last thing we would expect is to be branded ‘criminals’ by someone who wants to serve in elected office,” said Adam Colfer, the president of Middletown PBA Local 124.

Sager has already lost the backing of her county and municipal Democratic organizations.

Her running mate, Sean Byrnes, has called on Sager to drop out of the race, and says if she doesn’t, he will.

Colfer says that Sager’s apology owed to the Middletown Police Department and to all law enforcement officials.

He condemned her “hateful rhetoric against the very people who have chosen to take on the responsibility of protecting our neighborhoods.”

Sager and Byrnes are challenging incumbents Kevin Settembrino and Rick Hibell.

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