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Middlesex: In hit to Diaz, Perth Amboy voters OK runoff question. Sayreville too close to call. South River GOP flips two council seats. Milltown Dems take 2 council seats, GOP holds Old Bridge, Dems sweep countywides

By Nikita Biryukov, November 06 2019 3:15 am

Countywide: Democrats swept countywide races in Middlesex.

Sheriff Mildred Scott defeated Republican challenger Dean Gallo 69,383-47,353.

Freeholders Kenneth Armwood and Charles Kenny easily won re-election, earning 65,921 and 66,194 votes, respectively.

Clary Azcona-Barber, a longtime New Brunswick Democratic committeewoman and former aide to Assemblyman Joseph Egan, won retiring Freeholder Blanquita Valenti’s seat.

Republicans Edna Cox-Rivers, Thomas Coghan and Gregg Rubenstein got 43,956, 44,893 and 42,659 votes, respectively.

Independent Brian Kulas got 3,219 votes.

Old Bridge: Republicans swept races in Old Bridge, retaining the mayorship and all three council seats up for election this year.

Mayor Owen Henry defeated Democratic Challenger David Merwin 6,787-5,014.

Council Vice President Anita Greenberg-Belli won 6,287 votes, while Councilwoman Debbie Walker won 6,306, and Republican newcomer Mary Rita Sohor won 6,190.

Democrats June Gundee, Dennis Maher and Ann Raya Arbiol won 4,946, 4,968 and 4,758 votes, respectively.

Milltown: Councilwoman Trina Mehr was elected Milltown Mayor Tuesday, defeating Councilman Republican Richard Revolinsky 1,196-878.

Democrats also picked up two seats on the council, ousting incumbent Republican Councilman Dorian Kerber, who received 893 votes.

Anna Neubauer and Phil Zambrana, both Democratic Newcomers, received 1,126 and 1,161 votes.

Republican Kyle Livingstone got 884 votes.

Democratic Mayor Eric Steeber and Republican Councilman Francis Guyette did not seek re-election.

South River: Republicans here ousted two Democratic incumbents on the council while retaining the mayorship Tuesday.

Republican challengers Donna Balazs and Anthony Ciulla won 1,228 and 1,276 votes, respectively, ousting Democratic Councilmembers Jack Alai and Julie Meira.

Alai received 1,152 votes, and Meira received 1,148.

Incumbent Mayor John Krenzel beat Democratic challenger tele Koukourdelis 1,357-1,175.

Sayreville: All three races here may be too close to call.

Councilman Arthur Rittenhouse, the Republican candidate for Mayor, received 3,578 votes, just 33 more than Democratic Councilwoman Victoria Kilpatrick.

Results for in the year’s two council races were similarly close.

Republican Donna Roberts was the top vote-getter, with 3,549 ballots cast in her name.

Democrat Michele Cassidy Maher was close behind with 3,545 votes.

David McGill ran 69 votes behind Roberts.

He may move up in a recount.

The same is true, though less so, of Republican Christian Hibinski, who got 3,412 votes.

Perth Amboy runoff ballot question: Voters in Perth Amboy overwhelmingly backed a ballot referendum asking whether the city should adopt a runoff system if no candidate wins a majority vote in a regular municipal election.

1,572 voters backed the city’s adopting a runoff system, while 787 opposed it.

Under the measure, the city will be required to hold a runoff election if no candidate wins more than 50% of the vote in a given municipal election.

Such a system will make it more difficult for Mayor Wilda Diaz to win re-election as mayor next year.

The faction opposing Diaz proposed and backed the measure. The mayor opposed it.

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