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Piscataway town hall.

Central Jersey Progressives seek to end one-man-one-woman rule

County Committee seats divvied up sex

By Nikita Biryukov, February 04 2020 10:25 am

Central Jersey Progressive Democrats are seeking to eliminate a provision that allots half of Middlesex County’s Democratic Committee seats to each men and women.

“The one-man-one-woman rule is from 1947, and so much has changed for women since that time.  We are more than half of the population, but this rule says we can never hold more than half of the party seats,” Kamuela Tillman said. “What was a floor is now a ceiling, and we intend to break through for women, girls and LGTBQIA individuals.”

Tillman and her runningmate, Staci Berger, won county committee seats in Piscataway after receiving preliminary relief from the court that allowed them to run an all-woman slate.

The progressives claim the one-man-one-woman rule is discriminatory and provides no avenue for non-binary candidates to win seats on the county committee.

“Women and non-binary individuals can hold every other office in America, but the state imposes a sex quota on committee seats only,” said Doreen Wilson-Bailey. “We look forward to ending this rule in Middlesex County so that women and LGTBQIA individuals here can fully participate in our democracy on behalf of the will of the people.”

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